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Schoola offers quality clothing at up to 70% off retail with 40% of proceeds benefiting kids. SHOP NOW.

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What’s going on here? Welcome to our South Texas Preparatory Academy Schoola page! How does Schoola work? Have a look:

  • Help Our School

    Request a label, and invite others to do the same. Fill a box with outgrown clothes and drop it in the mail for free.

  • Feel Good Shopping

    Find adorable pre-loved clothes from South Texas Preparatory Academy or around the country at dramatically discounted prices.

  • Our Kids Win!

    40% of proceeds from each sale go to South Texas Preparatory Academy, helping to keep and expand programs for our kids.

Okay, Got it!

South Texas Preparatory Academy

Edinburg, TX

What we’ve done

Our clothes have gone across the country!

  • 1

    bags sent in

  • 25%

    of clothing sold

  • $5

    estimated earnings*

* Earnings estimate based on item sales minus discount and shipping estimates.

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What’s shakin’

Are you ready for some action?

  • Carrie in Mayville, WI made a purchase that helps South Texas Preparatory Academy. Thanks, Carrie!

    -over a year ago

  • A Superstar in Edinburg just sent us a full bag of donated clothes. Yay!

    -over a year ago

  • Diana just requested a bag to help our school!

    -over a year ago

  • South Texas Preparatory Academy's page is live. Let's get it started!

    -over a year ago

Here’s how you can help:

$2 of every $5 you spend goes to programs at our school.