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The Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Resource Guide

At Schoola, we are all about finding a win/win. Here are some organizations that are doing great work finding creative solutions to challenges that face our kids and their environment.

Tech Recycling Programs that benefit schools

Tech Recycling Fundraiser - - Looking for more ways to turn household items into money for your child’s school? Recycle your old cell phones, computers and accessories and your school gets up to $400 per item!
Funding Factory - - Keep printer, toner and inkjet cartridges out of landfills - send them to Funding Factory and turn them into cash for your school.
InterConnection - Interconnection collects unused computers and refurbishes them to sell at very low prices to worthy non-profits. Donations to InterConnection help cut the cost of setting up a computer lab in a school by at least 70%.

Creative Reuse Organizations that promote creativity and waste reduction

RAFT - - RAFT believes the best way to spark the love of learning for the next generation of thinkers, innovators, problem-solvers, and creators, is through hands-on learning. RAFT supports hands-on learning by turning corporate donations into affordable and creative reuse materials for educators.
SCRAP - - SCRAP is one of many creative reuse centers across the country that accepts used material donations such as textiles, buttons, paper, office supplies, plastics, and makes them available to teachers and parents at a very low cost.
FreeCycle - - FreeCycle is a grassroots, nonprofit organization that empowers people in local communities to share materials and resources, reducing waste and keeping useable resources out of landfills.
Crayola Color Cycle - - Crayola has partnered with schools across America on Color Cycle, a program that recycles old, used up markers and turns them into clean burning fuel.
Trash For Teaching - - Trash for Teaching collects discarded materials from manufacturers and connects the items to teachers, students, and artists. Trash for Teaching donates these materials that otherwise would go to landfills into inexpensive tools to support education.
Materials for the Arts - is a New York based reuse center that connects companies and individuals who donate unneeded supplies to thousands of nonprofit organizations with arts programming and public schools. They also offer a wide variety of workshops and classes on creative reuse.
Creative Reuse - - An East Bay based non-profit that collects donated waste materials and redistributes them as low-cost supplies for art, education, and social services. Their mission is to increase the awareness of the general public regarding the green benefits of reusing materials.

What about Toys? Sharing economy solutions that reduce waste and household clutter

Pley - - Often called the "Netflix of Legos" Pley allows you to rent Lego sets that are age appropriate and trade them in when the novelty has worn off. A great way to save money, and reduce clutter.
Yerdle - - A swapping app that has a kids’ section full of recent and vintage toy finds.

Kids helping kids. Student-Run Organizations working for positive change

PLAN - - PLAN is a non-profit, student run group promoting zero waste. They provide advising, best practice guides and startup funding to student groups looking to start programs promoting reusable materials on campus.
TerraCycle - - TerraCycle gets kids involved in collecting items for responsible disposal and recycling. You can start a Brigade and get a donation for each piece of garbage that you collect.
Kids Recycle - - Kids Recycle is a great student created resource that outlines examples of recycling programs in schools across the country.