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Schoola offers quality clothing at up to 70% off retail with 40% of proceeds benefiting kids. SHOP NOW.

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People are Talking...

Schoola is getting noticed all over the web as an innovative platform for school fundraising, leveraging the principles of the sharing economy. Outgrown kids clothes get a second life, and underfunded school programs get much-needed financial support. Schoola is also a great place to shop for nearly new kids clothes at incredible values.

It's a win for parents, schools and even the environment.
LA times

Pix11 gives pointers on how to raise money for schools without spending a dime through Schoola.


Kron4's Tech Report shares savvy ways you can use tech to save money on clothes and raise money for schools.


#PasstheBag Could Be Silicon Valley's New Ice Bucket Challenge
[#PasstheBag] The Next Social Media Challenge For Charity
Business Insider
Schoola is an amazing mash up of community building, up-cycling and commerce.

-Kristina Salen, CFO,


ABC shows how Schoola helps parents and teachers raise funds and save money in Raleigh, NC.


CNET Tech Minute took some time to show how Schoola can help you raise money for school programs.


Fox & Friends closet cleaning segment features Schoola Stitch as a great place to donate your gently used kids clothes and raise money for your school.


InStyle agrees that Schoola is the place to "help your wee one's school" in the November 2014 issue. 


We're all abuzz about being included on US Weekly's BUZZZZ-O-METER in the August 25th issue!


US Women's Soccer Player Megan Rapinoe Passes the Bag for Malala

–Megan Rapinoe


It's a win-win for parents and schools. 
Cleaning out your closet can sometimes be an emotional roller-coast, but with Schoola you can make it a bit easier. 
It's as simple as the ABCs!
Schoola is a smart way to donate clothes that no longer fit. Give back to get back!
The new Schoola Stitch website promises discounts on tens of thousands of gently-used clothing items for kids.
Schoola Stitch is a smart new program.
In three months, 2,500 schools across the country have benefitted from Schoola Stitch.
The Best Cyber Monday Deals for Moms.
Schoola Stitch helps schools and saves parents time and money.
–Terry Gardner
Los Angeles Times
LA times
Bake sale cupcakes are nice. But Schoola has a better way.
An innovative way to raise funds for schools.
–Andrea Koskey
SF Examiner Education News
the examiner
Schoola is an amazing site - just bought some great deals with proceeds benefiting my kids' school!
–Tori Spelling
Feel good about where your money is going.
Donated garments are helping... ensure girls around the world get the education they deserve.
Who doesn't love when a purchase gives back to a good cause - and comes with a hefty discount?