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Moxie Jean is now part of Schoola!

What is Schoola and why is this happening?

Moxie Jean has been a fan of Schoola’s mission for a long time, and we recently approached them about joining forces. Schoola has operated an online gently used kids’ and women’s clothing shop since 2013, but what makes them unique is that all of the items they sell were donated by parents across the U.S. to be sold for the benefit of over 13,000 schools. So anyone who shops at Schoola is sending 40% of their spending power back to a school--how cool is that? We saw an opportunity to align the Moxie Jean community with this vision and have decided to merge.

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I made a purchase from recently and haven’t received it yet. Is it still on its way?

All Moxie Jean orders were shipped by August 15th, 2015, and can be tracked using the tracking number included in your shipping confirmation email.

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I had Moxie Money from previous bags I sent in--what will happen to it?

You will receive an email within the next 14 days that presents the option to cash out your Moxie Money, or convert it to Schoola credit. Your Moxie Money balance will reflect the total that was earned from selling clothing to Moxie Jean or accrued from a refund prior to 8/15/15. Any Moxie Jean store credit that was earned from Referrals is not transferable and will not be redeemable at Schoola.

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I just sent in a bag to Moxie Jean--what will happen to those items?

The items you sent in will be processed by the Schoola team. You will be contacted and given the option to have your bag returned, or to donate it on behalf of the school of your choice. No cash compensation will be offered. If you choose to donate your items, they will be listed on and 40% of the proceeds will be donated to the school you designate.

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I have a check from selling clothing to Moxie Jean that has not been deposited yet. Can I still deposit it?

Valid checks issued from Moxie Jean can be deposited until September 15th, 2015.

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Moxie Jean has a 30-day money back guarantee - who do I contact if I want to request a refund?

Schoola does not offer refunds, but if you contact with your order details, will be glad to give you the value of your return in Schoola credit.

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Will I now be receiving emails from Schoola?

Today, 8/17 will be the final message from Following that, you will be contacted by for all matters related to your Moxie Money (now Schoola Credit) and updates about inventory and promotions. You will have the opportunity to opt out if you are not interested in Schoola mail, but we believe you will be thrilled with what our combined team has to offer and suggest that you stay tuned!

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How do I get involved in the Schoola community?

Schoola has a great community on Facebook at and is standing by to address your questions at You can create an account on Schoola and get 25% off your first purchase to try out the site!

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How do I donate clothing to support Schoola’s mission?

You can print a pre-paid label on Schoola similar to how you would on Moxie Jean. Send in your gently used kids’ and women’s clothing and designate the school you would like to benefit. When your items begin to sell, you will be notified where they went and what value was generated for your school. See the Schoola FAQ for more information.

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