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5 Reasons Why Kids Need Music Education

School music programs nationwide are disappearing, suffering at the hands of state-by-state budget cuts. Though it can be tempting to dismiss this as no big deal, the impact of eliminating music programs at schools is worse than you may imagine. March being Music in Our Schools Month (#MIOSM), we’re sharing a list of five reasons why music education is incredibly important—and why, in turn, we here at Schoola donate 40% of proceeds to schools to keep programs like music, art, and PE alive!

1. Music education helps kids do better in school.schoola

Numerous studies show music education improves academic performance. A 2007 study published in Nature Neuroscience reports that “students in high-quality school music education programs score higher on standardized tests…regardless of the socioeconomic level of community.”
To get a perfected picture of what this means, let’s look at some other studies.  One study found that students who had a quality music education score an average of 63 points higher on verbal and 44 points higher on math on their SATS. Another discovered that, with good music programs, elementary school students did 22% better in English and 20% better in math across all geographic regions. Even basic music programs sparked improved academic achievement in comparison with schools that provided no music education at all.

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KIPP Academy


Not long ago, Sir Ron was struggling at school. He was falling behind academically and losing faith that he had the ability to succeed.

Now he’s gained a new sense of his own potential, and he has a plan for his future. His transformation started behind a drum kit—but now it extends through every part of his day. Sir Ron’s peers respect him. And he believes in himself. You’ll find stories like Sir Ron’s throughout KIPP Academy Middle School thanks to the school’s commitment to music education. Schoola is joining KIPP Academy to help make that difference in students’ lives every day.

A small school in the Bronx, KIPP Academy works hard to support kids who need all the help they can get. Ninety-five percent of its students qualify for free or reduced cost lunch. More than one in seven receive special education services. Music helps KIPP Academy reach and engage every child who enters its doors. The slogan on the Music Room wall sets the stage—All of Us Will Learn Music. No matter what backgrounds they come from or what challenges they face, they learn lessons together that will serve them the rest of their lives—like how to lead a section, follow direction, and work as a team, and why it’s important to hit the right notes at the right time. Researchers have written volumes about the benefits of music education in developing young minds, but for the kids at KIPP, it’s all about making beautiful music together.

Schoola is launching an effort and building a community to help KIPP Academy fulfill its mission by raising $25,000 to support its music program. Here’s how you can help:
• Donate used clothing to be sold on the Schoola e-commerce site—designate your donation to KIPP or start a fundraiser for your own school
• Do your own shopping on—$2 of every $5 you spend goes to schools to save music, art, physical education, and other essential programs
• Help us spread the word and build an even bigger community to support fulfilling the potential of all kids at schools like KIPP Academy

Join us! So we can help Sir Ron and thousands of other kids like him see themselves and the world in new ways. It’s a big job, but there’s no job more important.

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