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4 Weeks of Fun Giveaway – Wrap Up

Our Schoola 4 Weeks of Fun Giveaway has ended and summer is starting to wind down. Let’s cherish these final weeks with our family and friends and start thinking about all the FUN we will continue to have in the next school year.

We’d like to thank everyone for participating and congratulate all of our winners one more time.  Our friends at FlybarGreen Toys, Little Passports and Micro Kickboard made it so special with their awesome prizes.

Way to go!

Week 1 Winner – Chrissy Hazard from New York  for winning a Flybar Master Pogostick. When we told her she won, she said, “That’s fantastic! I never win anything!”

Week 2 Winner – Staci Nouri from Colorado for winning 6 playthings from Green Toys.  She commented on our FB page and said, “Thank you! Both my boys will be thrilled!”

Week 3 Winner – Chester Shaver  from Maryland for winning a 6 month World Edition subscription to Little Passports. He said, “Thanks Schoola!!!! Love this website and my kids are going to love their lilpassport!”

Week 4 Winner – Ashley Guzman for winning a Micro Maxi Scooter from Micro Kickboard.  She’s so excited for her kids to start carving up the streets with their new Maxi.

It’s been a blast playing with you and we hope you check back in soon for our next giveaway coming up in August.

And remember, all year long Schoola turns adorable outgrown clothes into money for your child’s school programs. Learn more about us and see how it works here.

31 Days of Smart Summer Fun, Day 1: Inspired by Summer

Have you set any goals for your family this summer? The freedom of summer, the nothing-else-to-do nature of summer makes a difference, we’ve found. In summer we step away from daily routines and have a chance to imagine ourselves a bit differently. Escaping however briefly from certain constraints, we have time to take on challenges that we might otherwise avoid, or simply fail to envision.

For our kids, it might be learning how to skip or kick a ball into the soccer goal (away from the prying eyes of gym class.); for us, it might be learning to take better everyday photos of our children, capturing the small moments instead of just the big ones. Maybe it’s just slowing down, remembering how to watch the skies for birds and the bushes for butterflies, remembering to walk right up to the edge of the puddle, instead of skirting quickly around it.

Summer brings a different kind of learning into our lives, and we’ve decided to embrace it. This is our goal for the first day of July:  Slow down a bit today and watch for the wonder in the everyday moments. Celebrate the small victories (because to our children, they really are big), and cheer on the new challenges.

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