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Yick Wo Elementary School



YickWo_1Art can be one of the most important parts of a young student’s life. It teaches kids that it’s okay to be creative and take risks at school—not just in the art room, but in math, languages, and every other subject they study. The educational benefits of an art program are well known, but it’s still not covered by most public school budgets. The parents at Yick Wo Elementary make sure that their school’s students have art class anyway, and Schoola is forming a community to help them do it.

Serving San Francisco’s North Beach, Russian Hill, and Chinatown neighborhoods, Yick Wo relies on fundraising to provide enrichment programs for its 260+ students of diverse cultural and economic backgrounds. The experiences of the children show that it’s well worth the effort. “School has a lot of rules to follow but in art you can be free. You can see what you have in front of you and then turn that into something different,” says Orly. “I feel like I can make anything happen. It’s awesome!” says Lars. Art class builds confidence and provides enduring lessons for the students at Yick Wo—as long as the school can continue to provide the raw materials for their inspiration.YickWo_2

Schoola is launching an effort and building a community to help raise $25,000 to support arts programs at Yick Wo. Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Donate used clothing to be sold on the Schoola e-commerce site—designate your donation to Yick Wo or start a fundraiser for your own school
  • Do your own shopping on—$2 of every $5 you spend goes to schools to save art, music, physical education, and other essential programs
  • Help us spread the word and build an even bigger community to support fulfilling the potential of all kids at schools like Yick Wo

Join us to make sure art keeps broadening young minds, opening new channels for self-expression, and fostering the creativity that fuels achievement for the students at Yick Wo.

See their story at

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31 Days of Smart Summer Fun, Day 6: Create an Art Space

One of the exciting things about having young children around is to witness their enormous potential for creativity. Kids love building, drawing and painting, making up and acting out stories, inventing songs and games. Given the right conditions, they can do this kind of thing all day long with very little need for guidance from us grownups.

So what are those “right conditions,” you might wonder? The first is obvious: time. Kids need unbroken hours of play when we’re not whisking them off to the next activity, when no other interruptions call. The second is also straightforward: freedom. They need us not to hover, not to say “no” or “try this” or even “good job” every two minutes. And if that seems hard to swallow, then the third condition should make it easier to give our kids the creative freedom they need: space.

To get started with your own space where your younger kids can do-it-themselves with art projects, find a space on a table or desk (or even an empty drawer), and have these things spread out so they’re at hand for inspiration to strike:

– blank white paper, lined paper, construction paper
– kid-safe scissors and glue sticks
– colored pencils and regular pencils
– old magazines (to cut up)
– tracing paper

For older kids, we’ve had great success with a stack of spirals that are leftover from the school year and some freshly sharpened pencils. How about your kids? What kinds of art supplies do you keep on hand for them?


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