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Featured School: Burbank Preschool Center in Oakland, CA

Burbank_collageBurbank Preschool Center serves special and general education students birth to six years old in Oakland Unified School District. They are a fully inclusive preschool program committed to providing the best possible early intervention program to their special and general education students and families. The mission at Burbank Preschool Center is to help all their students reach their greatest potential by approaching each child with optimism, respect, and care and engaging each child in learning as a unique and capable individual.

To date, Burbank has raised almost $1,500 with Schoola, and with an upcoming clothing drive, they’re on track to raise even more. They’ll be using the funds to replenish art supplies, buy outdoor gear like balls and hula hoops, and purchase super interactive Barefoot Books.

The supplies Burbank will be able to buy with their Schoola funds are invaluable for their student body. Many of their kids enjoy art because it wakes up their sensory needs and makes them less tactile defensive while building their motor skills. Outdoor activities include getting a little dirty, which can be a hard hurdle for special needs children, and having fun play equipment makes this easier. Through art and play, they’re able to express themselves nonverbally, develop, and grow.

Shop to support Burbank Preschool Center and make a difference!

Sheep’s Clothes – Boys and School

shutterstock_175586570 Sheep’s Clothes – Boys and School 


In the year of our savior Reggio Emilia 2012, there did a monster reign.


He walked amongst them unnoticed at times.  Peaceful.  Quiet.  As with Play-Doh.  And the Trains of Thomas.  And Maresol, that fair teacher of Espanol who taketh no shit.


“Things are as they should be,” they said, at the Time Known As Drop-Off.


And then that time ended and the Time Known As Circle began.  A time of great decibel increase and insurrection.


In mighty voices, they said, “LISTEN!  LISTEN!  LISTEN!  LISTEN!  LISTEN!”






But circle he did not and lo!  Two horns doth did sprout!  And that is how, after Tales of the Great Letter ‘E,’ the Time of Circle did end.


In quiet voices, they said, “Line-eth up, ye who would travel to the far reaches of the Kingdom.”  But Line-eth he did not, especially since he was not made Leader of the Line-eth.


First, he ziggethed.  Then he zagethed.  And then he pushed him known as Zachary who yelled unto him, “I’m first and you’re NOT!”  And lo, his feet they did become cloven hooves!


Upon reaching the far reaches of the Kingdom, the Time Of Outdoor did begin.


In which sand was thrown far and wide but mainly into Katie’s eyes, and tag, it was played until Carter yelled, “We don’t like you!” and Gregory confirmed this and yelled, “YEAH!”


And lo, he grabbed his shovel and smacked it down, which brought a voice like thunder that said “YELLOW LIGHT!” and then he stomped his cloven hooves and shrieked and the voice commanded, “RED LIGHT!”


But he looked both the YELLOW LIGHT and the RED LIGHT in the eye and laughed and into the Out Known As Time he was placed.  And they tisked and clucked and remarked, “‘Twas no shovel he had but a pitchfork.”


As the Time of Outdoor ended and the Time of Snack began, he no longer walked amongst them unnoticed but like a sharp piece of Lego stuck in their feet.  A sharp piece of Lego with fruit and crackers.


After the Time of Potty, he washed his hands and his clothes and the floor and those around him.  And then poopeth he did go.  Not on the potty but behind the potted plant.  Because it was safe.


And they sighed DEEPLY and whispered the Prayer of the Pull-Up and wiped and wiped and wiped and called up the Gods of Sanitation and wiped some more.


During the Time of Clean Up, there did occur a kerfuffle between him and Jeffery and Marcus and Quincey that shook the rafters.  Then using a bardic lute, he sang of the kerfuffle to others over mead juice but not before they put him in the Zone Known As Chill and told him to SLOWETH HIS MOTOR.


“The Transitions, they will be the death of us,” they did mutter, and said five Hail-Maria-Montessori’s for good measure and then finally – OH FINALLY – it was The Time Known As Lunch, and then they did wave their magic organic carrot and sprinkled Impulse Control Crumbs but the Impulses they were NOT Controlled.


After much pillaging and plundering – beware the ides of sunflower butter in your hair! – and much shrieking by Jill and Mary Beth, a nobel knight arrived at last to purge the kingdom of the devil.


In she rode with her brave Snap ‘N Go Chariot – wielding the sword of 1-2-3 MAGIC and the awesome power of LOVE – and she looked into the face of CHAOS and commanded, “Come.”


And he went.


Cloven hooves into Stride Rites.  Horns receding.


And they sighed with relief and said, “All is almost as it should be.”  (As they had four more devils to contend with).


For they had survived another day with that plague of school systems in kingdoms everywhere.


That beast that goes by the name:





Written by the Tarja Parssinen, aka The Flying Chalupa


My First Day of Preschool


My First Day of Preschool

I was super nervous.

I could barely sleep last night.

The clothes were laid out.

Pirate shirt?  Yes.  It says “devilish but adorable.”  And the skinny jeans.  Regrettably trendy but the only thing that doesn’t say “saggy gangsta butt.”

The lunch was packed, which nearly killed me.  Was it filling?  Was it too much?  Not enough?  Too processed?  Was it organic-biodegradable-compostable-combustible-and-waste-free?  Would the teachers judge?  Would the kids judge?  Good enough for tradesies?  Good enough to throw?

Where was the attachment object?  A truck?  No.  A stuffed animal.  Elmo?

What do you think, Elmo?  Can you do it?  Show me comfort.  Now safety.  Stop singing that song.  This is serious, dammit.  That’s better.  How well does your flammable red fur absorb homesick tears?  Perfect.

Now it’s time for a hearty-but-harried breakfast.  Let us give the vehicles on the placemat all of the cereal.  And all of the milk.  Perfect.  Would the vehicles care for toast?  Just a bite?  No?  Perfect.

It’s time.  Let’s ready ourselves.


Okay, speed-labeling commencing with purple permanent marker.  Is purple appropriate?  Yes.  It says “toddler royalty.”  Teeth brushed.  Sippies filled.  Camera packed.  Car loaded.  The journey begins.


Speed-deep-breathing commences.  Let’s sing the back-to-school song!  Happiness!  Lightness!  Airiness!  Guided imagery of serenely floating on a lily pad down a congested river of cars!


Walking three blocks on a beautiful day is invigorating.  It gives me time to reflect on this momentous occasion.  Who will I meet?  Who will I befriend?  And then I am there.  In the classroom.  And I see them.  The row of perfectly monogrammed Pottery Barn Kids canvas tote bags.  I do not have a monogrammed Pottery Barn Kids canvas tote bag.  I do not even have a knock-off monogrammed tote bag.

Moment of panic.



Then a little hand works its way out of mine and wanders toward the toys.  He does not even look in my direction as I hug him and say goodbye.

My first day of preschool.

He’s ready.

I turn out of the parking lot.


How much do you want to bet that his sesame-ginger salad dressing is not nut-free?

Time for a break.

Written by the Tarja Parssinen, aka The Flying Chalupa

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