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Motherhood is a chaotic venture and many moms would tell you the days whiz by in a blur. But there are key moments that stand out and create lasting memories. The thoughts and phrases that define motherhood are what we like to call “momisms.” With the quotes below we’ve captured some of our own fun momisms!

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Momism Quote


Momism Quote


Momism Quote



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  1. My son had a tummy ache so I told him to lay on his tummy & I’d rub his back. He said if his head hurt, would I rub his feet.

  2. I absolutely love being able to buy my kids goo clothing at a decent price.Along with helpin others.Thanks Schoolamoms and schools for the stance to win

  3. Jennifer Phippen

    June 29, 2016 at 3:49 pm

    Swimming in the lake with my son and our dog.

  4. It really is true…so many “Momisms”, so little time…I think the most recent photo and Momism I would post would be of my daughter sitting at the kitchen table…Day #7 on our Mission Remove Concrete “Gack Turned Super Glue Clump” from her beautiful curly locks. I had tried everything and had resorted to coconut oil. She was an unimpressed, hot mess…literally and figurately. The caption on the photo would probably read something along the lines of:
    Momism #1,672: Organic, gluten-free, coconut oil hair treatment. AKA When all else fails, try wording your last attempt before cutting their hair due to something gone terribly wrong as really good for them…and take deep, deep breaths.

  5. Rhonda Arnaud

    July 2, 2016 at 9:48 pm

    My kids are grown, but I am blessed with grandchildren. They are sweet and I love them, but they are very active, smart and comical. Never a dull moment when I have them around. Being disabled and after a major surgery, my grandsons who were around 2 and 4 at the time, were playing. I hadn’t realized it, but I evidently said something in a unusual manner because my 2 year old grandson said, “Grannie, go take your medicine cause you a little bit grouchy”. Out of the mouths of babe’s!!!

  6. That moment when you realize your toddler just might be on to something as they go about doing everything their OWN way. :)

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