school fundraising over summer

By Turi Fesler Steffen

School’s out, the kids are booked with camp and play dates, and yet your role as a PTA parent doesn’t stop–you’re still thinking about school fundraising over summer. And the good news is you can still raise funds for P.E., music, or a new computer lab.

We at Schoola help turn secondhand clothes into opportunities for kids, and that doesn’t end when the temperature rises and you head out on vacation.

Tips for School Fundraising Over Summer

Here are 4 easy ways to keep the money coming during the summer months when fundraising usually comes to a halt:

  • Donate lost & found: An easy source of school revenue is the lost & found. Simply wash all the unclaimed clothes at the end of the school year, and Schoola will email you a shipping label and help you schedule pickup.
  • Summer school drive: For some, school’s still in session. Set up a donation station in your school lobby so kids involved in special summer programs can still donate. Organize around a theme to make it even more fun, and set a goal. A season change is a great time to host a clothing drive, as you go through last year’s wardrobe and figure out what still fits for your kiddos.
  • Run a corporate drive: What better time to get your place of work involved? Book a donation drive for your child’s school at your office and get more donations during the down season. Make sure you let your colleagues know your goal and what you’re fundraising for–it will encourage them to clean out their closets.
  • Donate from home: This is a great time of year to mobilize family and friends. Aunts and uncles who live across state lines can simply request a donation bag online and give back over the summer.

Summer isn’t the time to hibernate! Contact a Schoola coach and get great tips on how to fundraise all summer long. Your PTA will thank you!


When Turi was little, her favorite part of school was actually the homework! She wanted to be a veterinarian, a ballerina, and a writer. Now that she’s a grownup she can be found eating her way through the Bay Area or with her nose in a book in the library. She likes jogging to brunch or burgers, and then ending her day working on writing her own “Great American Novel.”