summer essentials

Let’s face it, your dresser and closet are overflowing with last year’s clothes—sweaters, jeans, you name it, but are they all faves? Handpick a capsule collection of 10 summer essentials, then donate the rest and transform clothes into playgrounds, pencils, and field trips for your child’s school. Why pare down to a capsule wardrobe? Bloggers like Un-Fancy tout the emotional benefits of reducing to what’s really essential. And nothing says summer like reducing stress and experiencing more joy in the everyday. Try it and let us know if you feel happier when you pare down.

10 Summer Essentials to Keep

We’ll get you started with a visual checklist of everything you need for your summer adventure,whether at home or abroad, from basic button-downs to preppy polos, statement skirts to staple shorts, you’ll still have plenty of mix-and-match options to get you through summer in style. Take a peek, and follow the links below to fill in the gaps in your sun-loving wardrobe.

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Here are the summer essentials you need: 1) A statement skirt; 2) A basic button-up; 3) Staple shorts; 4) A graphic tee; 5) A summery sundress 6) Comfy sandals; 7) A preppy polo; 8) A boho Tunic; 9) Classic denim; 10) A solid tee or tank.

Donate the Rest:

Clear your closet of clutter and enjoy your summer without all the extra weight! Remember that you’ll restock come back-to-school season when the kids are another summer bigger. Donate adult clothing too and put it to work for your school. That way you’ll be ready to shop all the exciting fall fashion next season, guilt-free! Request a donation bag today. Fill it up and drop it in the mail to start turning your clothes into cash for your school.