Thank a teacher for Teacher Appreciation Day

By Bryan Carey of the Examiner

Teachers have a difficult yet very important job and it’s time that we honor them with National Teacher Appreciation Day. We entrust them to take care of our children, to teach them important skills, and to offer guidance when needed. They work tirelessly to educate our young people and prepare them for success later in life and they deserve a great deal of gratitude for the work they perform every day.

I have two grade school age children of my own and they, too, realize the importance of their teachers and like to recognize them whenever possible. On May 3, they and other children like them, as well as their parents, have an opportunity to recognize the teachers in their lives for National Teacher Appreciation Day., an online service dedicated to schools and fundraising, knows well the importance of those who teach and they want to help parents and students find the right gift for these crucial influencers. asked teachers directly what they would like for this day of recognition and here are the top ten items, selected by teachers themselves:

National Teacher Appreciation Day: Top 10 Gifts for Teachers

1. For the teacher who loves greenery, consider a potted plant from a nearby nursery. Kids can contribute a personal touch by decorating the pot and adding a personalized message.

2. Teachers have to rise and shine at an early hour to make it to school. This is why caffeine is so popular and why a gift card to Starbucks or Peets is likely to make any teachers day.

3. Most people in local neighborhoods know their teachers very well. Why not support the community and honor your teacher at the same time with a gift card from a local small business? It’s a win- win situation for everyone involved.

4. Teachers like to promote good health, so why not surprise your favorite teacher with a basket of fresh fruits and vegetables? They can be obtained from a local farm or, if possible, from your own backyard if you happen to have a garden. The personal effort will be much appreciated.

5. Since summer is just around the corner and is commonly associated with travel, a good gift idea would be a basket of items pertaining to a specific part of the world. Find out your teacher’s favorite vacation spot and load up a basket of related goodies.

6. Teachers have a tiring job, both emotionally and physically. Another great gift idea is a gift card to a local movie theater or even for a massage or pedicure. They will never forget this act of kindness.

7. Does your teacher have a pet? If so, then consider a gift from a local pet store. It can be a gift card or, if you know exactly what pet your teacher has, an assortment of treats and accessories.

8. For the teacher who teaches music or just can’t get enough of his/her favorite tunes, a gift card to iTunes or something similar is a great idea. Your teacher can crank up the music with ease and remember your thoughtfulness in the process.

9. Teachers often need items not for themselves, but for the classroom. It’s common for teachers to purchase their own things due to school district budget limitations so why not help your teacher by purchasing something from their classroom supply wish list? It will go a long way toward helping your teacher fulfill his/her educational goals.

10. A final gift idea?- a fundraising drive. In honor of National Teacher Appreciation Day, you can logon to and start a clothing fundraiser of your own, earning money that can be used to pay for needed supplies, a field trip, or other activity.

Teachers are important individuals and we all owe then special thanks for their hard work and dedication. Look over the list above and consider one of these ten suggestions for the great teachers in your life. May 3 is only a short time away so spend some time with your children, ask them which idea they like best, and recognize the teacher in your kid’s life on National Teacher Appreciation Day, a time to honor the individuals who have shaped our lives in so many important ways.

A version of this article was previously published on April 18th, 2016 by the Examiner.