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Schoola Welcomes 60 Schools to the Millennium Club!


The final fundraising period in 2015 was truly impressive and we couldn’t be more thrilled to finish the year by helping more than 22,000 schools raise funds with Schoola. Each fundraising period has exceeded the last and more importantly, the average that schools earn with each drive has continued to increase, showing the power of engaged parents, grandparents and communities to supporting their schools.

Now more schools than ever have raised $1,000 in a single 3-month period. So we are pleased to present The Millennium Club, 60 standout schools who received a check for over $1,000 this past earning period.

Here are some highlights from our Millennium Club schools:

  • St. Stephen Protomartyr School ran their first drive in October of 2015 and collected 185 bags of clothes! They are using their funds to support their Spanish program.
  • The French School, the only public French immersion school in St. Louis, MO, is putting all their funds toward their 5th grade trip to France. Talk about turning gently used clothes into an educational adventure!
  • Montclair Elementary (pictured above) activated their student body, getting students to volunteer as Clothing Drive Ambassadors. They helped make signs, pass out flyers and stickers and they even collected the bags from parents at drop-off so parents didn’t even have to leave their cars. Montclair’s ambassadors’ hard work has really paid offthey’ve raised over $3,000 to date. What a great learning experience for the students!

Think your school can reach Millennium Club status? We’re here to help. We asked some of our Millennium Club members for their favorite tips. Here are 3 easy ways to increase your earnings in the next fundraising period and year to come:

  1. Get the student body involved! Empower the students to take charge of the drive. Help them make flyers and posters that advertise the drive, and get them excited about helping with collecting and boxing up the donations.
  2. Make the clothing drive a learning opportunity. Teaching the students about the importance of giving clothes a second life will help them see the direct affect their donations have not only in supporting their school, but on the environment. (It takes 700 gallons of water to make a cotton shirt!)
  3. Utilize your Schoola Coach: Schoola has an amazing team of fundraising coaches with tons of knowledge and resources ready to help you every step of the way.

You can see a list of the top 10 schools from the Millennium Club below. We look forward to seeing what new milestones schools will hit in the next fundraising period!

Top 10 Millennium Club Schools:
Kipp Academy Middle School: $12,415.73
Granada Elementary: $9,980.33
Yick Wo Elementary: $4,255.53
St Stephen Protomartyr School: $3,965.93
St Justin The Martyr School: $3,626.01
Second Friends Preschool: $3,408.44
Laurel Elementary: $3,340.25
St Therese School: $2,655.30
Montclair Elementary: $2,523.58
St Ambrose School: $2,504.85


  1. I thought my school should have been issued a check for $52, not $26. Why is the check amount lower than what my account shows on your website. Renaissance Charter @ Poinciana is waiting to see if what I have sent in (4 bags) is paying off for them to ask all parents to participate in this fundraiser.

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