We’re thrilled to report that thanks to the thousands of donors and shoppers (including kids, parents, and corporations) that came together to support the Malala Fund through Schoola, we are sending $100,000 to support education initiatives in the most vulnerable communities in the world. Malala herself had this to say to all those who got involved to make this possible:

Malala Letter

  • 17 schools did clothing drives for Malala. 382 other schools are engaging in special projects and on their way to following suit.
  • 6,597 individual donors are cleaning out their closets to benefit the Malala Fund. Anyone can donate by mail by requesting a bag here.
  • Top brands Gymboree, Tea Collection, ModCloth and Athleta got involved by donating thousands of new-with-tags items—from kids’ clothing, to cocktail dresses, workout apparel and warm winter coats to be sold on our site to benefit the Malala Fund.

Artboard 2

Our founder, Stacey, cites this milestone as one of the most exciting for Schoola yet: “I couldn’t be prouder of the Schoola community today. Thanks to their incredible generosity we have received over 15 tons of clothing in the past 60-90 days all in support of Malala’s vision that every girl receive the education she deserves. Schoola’s mission is to help children realize their full potential—whether that means raising money to purchase basketballs in Boston or elementary school books for girls in rural Pakistan. I couldn’t be more thrilled that our community is embracing the idea of turning their used clothes into educational opportunities for girls. I hope this is the first of many $100,000 checks we write to the Malala Fund and other worthy causes advocating that children be given every opportunity to realize their fullest potential.”

$100,000 is a fantastic start, but it is far from over. You can get involved today by shopping one of these beautiful collections, donating, or sharing the live results tracker. More exciting opportunities to shop and do good will be announced later this spring.