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Month: January 2016

Milestone for Malala: $100,000 to the Malala Fund Thanks to Generous Donors & Shoppers


We’re thrilled to report that thanks to the thousands of donors and shoppers (including kids, parents, and corporations) that came together to support the Malala Fund through Schoola, we are sending $100,000 to support education initiatives in the most vulnerable communities in the world. Malala herself had this to say to all those who got involved to make this possible:

Malala Letter

  • 17 schools did clothing drives for Malala. 382 other schools are engaging in special projects and on their way to following suit.
  • 6,597 individual donors are cleaning out their closets to benefit the Malala Fund. Anyone can donate by mail by requesting a bag here.
  • Top brands Gymboree, Tea Collection, ModCloth and Athleta got involved by donating thousands of new-with-tags items—from kids’ clothing, to cocktail dresses, workout apparel and warm winter coats to be sold on our site to benefit the Malala Fund.

Artboard 2

Our founder, Stacey, cites this milestone as one of the most exciting for Schoola yet: “I couldn’t be prouder of the Schoola community today. Thanks to their incredible generosity we have received over 15 tons of clothing in the past 60-90 days all in support of Malala’s vision that every girl receive the education she deserves. Schoola’s mission is to help children realize their full potential—whether that means raising money to purchase basketballs in Boston or elementary school books for girls in rural Pakistan. I couldn’t be more thrilled that our community is embracing the idea of turning their used clothes into educational opportunities for girls. I hope this is the first of many $100,000 checks we write to the Malala Fund and other worthy causes advocating that children be given every opportunity to realize their fullest potential.”

$100,000 is a fantastic start, but it is far from over. You can get involved today by shopping one of these beautiful collections, donating, or sharing the live results tracker. More exciting opportunities to shop and do good will be announced later this spring.

Why Your Kids Will Never Outgrow Being Read To


Guest Blog Post by  Ashley Eneriz

You already know the amazing benefits of reading to your child, and most parents try to squeeze in as many books as we can alongside a busy work, school, and activity schedule. When children finally master reading on their own, it is exciting to watch them become more independent in their reading. However, just because your child can read on their own does not mean it is time to ditch reading aloud time.

In fact, your kids might never outgrow the need and benefits that come from being read to.

Increase Vocabulary
A child can read independently at one level, but they can listen and comprehend at a higher level. While they might only be interested in reading early chapter books by themselves, kids will still enjoy listening to higher level books, such as “Chronicles of Narnia” or “Lord of the Rings.”

With read-aloud books, you are introducing them to bigger words and the right pronunciation. Children are able to ask what a word means or might defer the meaning through the context of the passage. It is much harder to understand a word meaning through context when reading independently because kids are more likely to get distracted by the sight of the unknown word.

Increase Book Love
Many children get turned off of books because their beloved picture books are then replaced by longer books packed with a lot of words. When it comes to being entertained, kids have a choice, flip on the TV/computer or read. Obviously the first choice is a much easier, passive way to be entertained, whereas reading takes work and time.

The more books children hear, the more their love for books increases. They are easily able to imagine what is happening in the story and are actively conjuring up images of the present story and predictions for the rest of the story. They subconsciously are making that connection that books are fun and entertaining. Be sure to further their interest in books by reading in an engaging voice, rather than a flat or monotone voice.


Increase Interaction
“If I could only get them to talk to me!” This is the common cry among tween and teen parents. The once bubbly toddler who wouldn’t stop talking quickly transforms into the 11-year-old that mutters, “Fine,” when asked how her day was.

Reading aloud with your children, tweens, and teens can transform your relationship and increase your interaction with your child. Tweens and teens will probably not admit enjoying read-aloud time at first, but start with a thrilling mystery or the Harry Potter series, and you will have them hooked.

Books bring up a lot of things to discuss, rant about, disagree with, and so on. If you come across a controversial topic in a book, such as how “Of Mice and Men” essentially has assisted suicide, ask your kids their honest opinion. Remember, there are no wrong answers, and by listening and respecting their thoughts about a book, they are more likely to open up about other things they are going through or have on their mind.

How to Introduce Read Aloud Time in Your Home
For families with younger children, it is very simple to introduce a read aloud time. Pick a time or day and make it a regular thing. For example, Saturday morning breakfast can give you a good 30 minutes of read aloud time. Even 10 minutes each night after dinner will add up to over an hour of reading aloud time at the end of the week.

For homes with older children, tweens, and teens who are not used to being read aloud to, introduce the idea to them. Older children can even pick out the book, if they want. You can also use a book that will need to be used for a school project.

There really should not be any rules. Children should listen quietly, but they can keep their hands busy with doodling, coloring, Legos, or crafting. Some younger children even listen better when they are bouncing on a ball or small trampoline. Incorporating reading time during meal time also cuts down on distractions and chatter.

Making read-aloud time a common occurrence in your household will take some effort on your part, but it will quickly become cherished family time. Remember, great thinkers are not made through electronic devices, instead they are made through the pages of good books.


Ashley Eneriz’s favorite school memory is reading her favorite books secretly under schoolbooks because the literary world was always more fascinating than what the teacher was saying. Thankfully she was never caught. She is now a mom of two daughters and children’s book author of How to Sell Your Sister for Fun and Profit and the Blondie McGhee series.

ENDED: Refer 3 Friends in January & Get $25 to Amazon


UPDATE: Those eligible should receive their gift card code via email by end of day Wed, 2/10. If you have any questions please reach out to

Chances are you’re already chatting up your friends about your Schoola purchases, so you might as well make some credit for more clothes! In the month of January 2016, refer at least 3 friends and we’ll email you an $25 gift card code in early February to show our appreciation! Many of our Schoola followers have joined our referral program and are reaping the rewards–the best part is that schools still earn 40% of proceeds even when you shop with credit. The program is very simple and works instantly.

How it works: $20 for You. $20 for your Friend. 40% to Schools.
Each time a friend makes their first-ever Schoola purchase using your referral link, they’ll get $20 off their first order, and you’ll get a $20 credit for purchases over the next 60 days. We’ll apply it automatically and keep track of it in your Schoola account. And don’t forget that 40% of your pre-discount order total is going to schools. It’s definitely a win-win, so start referring and earning today! You can grab your unique referral link here.

Here are some tips for earning more referral credit:

Show off Your Schoola StyleWhen you wear your favorite finds from Schoola, post your outfit photos to your fave social media platforms. Don’t forget to include #SchoolaStyle and your referral link in your outfit posts to make it easy for whoever admires your style to get $20 off when they shop.  

Share With Your Community! – Share your referral link wherever you already connect with other parents – from parenting groups, Facebook groups, neighborhood listservs, book clubs, to church or sports teams, there are so many families out there that could benefit from shopping at Schoola and donating to support their school.

Pro Tip From Ana @ModMahana – Ana from @ModMahana is not only a #SchoolaStyle winner but also a whiz at our referral program. One of her pro tips is changing the link in her Instagram bio to her unique Schoola referral link. Check out her Instagram account and see her style all her free clothes she’s scored from Schoola.  (And peek at her #SchoolaStyle photos above.)

Send With Love – We know that grandparents and cousins love receiving emails with the latest family photos. Include your referral link in the signature of your email with a brief blurb about the benefits of the program to plant the seed of savings, and let them know they’ll be doing good while they shop.

Ready, set, go! Now you have all the tools and tricks to refer 3 friends this month!

Already a pro? Tell us about your tips for earring referral credits.

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Gennifer’s favorite school memories were doing art and craft projects at her bilingual elementary school. The school subjects were taught in both English and Spanish and the class celebrated many Hispanic cultural events. She enjoyed crafting paper mache piñatas for Cinco de Mayo, making sugar skulls for Dia de los Muertos and creating Mexican fiesta lanterns with colorful tissue paper. Her love of handmade goods continues to this day and remains one of her favorite pastimes.

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