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Halloween is a fun and exciting time of year, especially for kids, but it can also break the bank and take a lot of time. The 5 easy costume ideas below will help you transform everyday clothes into awesome Halloween costumes.

Plus, as a special bonus, we’ve created 2 custom downloadable Halloween coloring sheets! Grab them by clicking on the links below, then just print them out:

Drawing inspiration from the beloved children’s book character Madeline (above), grab a blue dress and start from there, embellishing with a straw hat and a bright red ribbon tied around the neck. Your little one will be transformed into her favorite storybook character in no time.


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Starting with a basic white top or dress you can make a variety of fun costumes. The Twister costume above is a great example: grab a white ensemble and cut out green, yellow, and red construction paper circles, hot glue them to your top and voila, you’ve got a fun costume. Bonus points if you have a Twister board that you can glue to a headband to make a cute hat.


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To channel the iconic Rosie the Riveter, grab a blue button down and a pair of jeans. Any red bandana will work to top off your outfit.

Is your child the quiet type? If so, a mime costume might be just the ticket. Grab a striped shirt and go. All you’ll need to finish off the look is a little face paint.

Want to be scary but not too scary on Halloween? A scarecrow costume will fit the bill. Pull on some overalls, or jeans, and pair with a plaid shirt. You’ll want to accessorize with some straw accents and will get bonus points for sewing patches onto your denim.

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