In the past year, we’ve seen a lot of growth at Schoola as we’ve strived to reach our goals to put paintbrushes, violins, basketballs and more into the hands of school-age children. Much of the success is due to the team, although it’s not always easy making a bet on a new employee. We’ve leaned on the employee-vetting program RIVS to help us hire the right people for the right roles.

In a recent Huffington Post interview, our founder and CEO Stacey Boyd said, “Team matters more than anything, but you need to hire not just for smarts but for big hearts. We have a terrific team at Schoola that can solve almost any problem sent their way. They are tenacious, smart, creative and dynamic. They are also good, kind-hearted people. A company or organization with smart, creative, driven and big-hearted people—in combination with a compelling mission—will go far.”

Currently we’re hiring coaches, AKA fundraising gurus, who will help book and run clothing drives to fundraise for schools. This takes a unique kind of people-person who’s very detail oriented, and also has a true passion for improving children’s education. We’re looking for superstars, with just a few spots left to fill. For interested applicants, the job listing can be found here on RIVS.

Why RIVS? It helps us find rockstars in a time-efficient manner with the use of recorded audio and video submissions. This is particularly useful for remote hires who can’t interview face-to-face. RIVS is a digital interviewing platform that connects employers to quality candidates through video, voice and written interviews. Digital interviews reveal key candidate communication and personality skills earlier on in the selection process, helping us discover top talent while reducing time to hire and costs associated with interviewing.

We can’t wait to hear from you—apply for our coach position here.