By Stacey Boyd, Schoola Founder

As a former school principal and teacher, I know firsthand how important art, music, drama, PE, and other programs are for kids. Yet those are the very first programs to be cut when budgets get tight.  So two years ago, we dreamed up Schoola—a way to turn outgrown clothes into violins, paintbrushes, soccer balls and more for kids in schools. Flash forward two years and Schoola has helped kids reach their potential all across the country—by reinstating art classes, building playgrounds, funding orchestras and more—through the model of selling gently used clothes.

As a parent, I know all too well just how precious time is so I also wanted to figure out a way to make it easier to shop the tens of thousands of items we sell. We created custom collections because we wanted busy moms to be able to zero in on the sizes and styles that are perfect for their family’s needs. Our new custom collections feature does just that—it saves your searches so you can go back to the things you love, in your size, and find exactly what you’re looking for.

With our new women’s collection, you can now find items for yourself while you’re outfitting your kids. Some people might be surprised to know that a CEO shops secondhand, but I’m dedicated to raising funds for schools, and also to lessening my environmental footprint. My custom collection is an example of just how you can find items for your own wardrobe. Some pieces are barely worn before being given a second life on Schoola.

I’ve also selected custom collections for my two daughters, who love the unique, one-of-a-kind items they can find on Schoola. Not only is it fun for my girls to shop their own personal pages, but I love the lesson that they glean from it—that they are finding items from kids like them all over the nation. It’s better than a trip to the mall or a big box store, and you and your family can know you’re doing good as you shop.

The best part? As a busy mom, it’s super convenient to jump online, go to my custom collection, and know I’ll find exactly what my family and I need to get through a busy school year, holiday party or weekend getaway. Create a custom collection today and for a limited time you’ll get $10 in store credit to shop and support schools.