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Now There’s a Schoola for You: Introducing Women’s


Clockwise from top left: Lily of; community member Krissa, @krissaleahdubois on Instagram; Collin of; and Melissa of

Today’s a big day for Schoola—we’ve launched our women’s collection, which means there’s now a Schoola for YOU. It also means more earning potential for schools, which is at the heart of what we do here at Schoola.

We recruited four fantastic women to join us in celebrating our women’s launch. And, in the spirit of the season, we asked them what their plans for play are this summer. Every answer was unique, just like them. From an all-American mom to an East Coast college student cum entrepreneur, each of these dynamic ladies also shares their custom collections so you can see a sampling of their style. (If you haven’t already, don’t forget to create your own custom collection and get $10 to shop Schoola.)


Collin of

First up, Collin of This couponista is the go-to gal for all things money-saving. She describes her style as “hip (well, I hope so!), fun, unique, comfortable and casual.” You can shop her collection here.

Here’s how Collin plans to have fun this summer: “I LOVE to be outdoors in the sunshine. We have a lake nearby and often go boating. We can surf on the back of our boat… and I have actually mastered getting up and staying up—pretty impressed with myself! 😉 We also love taking summer road trips, going for hikes, swimming, biking, and even curling up together as a family on the couch and watching movies.”

Sara and Melissa of

Sara and Melissa of

Next up is a duo of bloggers who are also twins—Sara and Melissa of the blog Alice & Lois. Sara became familiar with Schoola because her daughter attends one of our featured schools, Yick Wo Elementary, that has earned more than $23,000 via Schoola clothing drives to date. These sisters keep us inspired with beautiful DIYs, recipes, and snapshots from their lives in California and Colorado. They worked together to create a shoppable Schoola collection just for you.

They’re planning lots of fun play this summer. Here’s what they said:

Sara: “Summer for us is all about sharing memories with family. We spend a long week in beautiful Lake Tahoe with friends over the 4th of July—beach, lake, paddle boarding, swimming, hiking, biking and BBQing. When we are back in the city, my daughter and I explore new city parks, take urban hikes and hit the beach (when weather is sunny)!”

Melissa: “Summer for my family is all about being in the mountains. Hiking to lost lakes, bike rides to the river, building fairy houses in the woods, enjoying free concerts in the park, impromptu picnics with friends and being outside as much as possible!”

Krissa, @krissaleahdubois on Instagram

Krissa, @krissaleahdubois on Instagram

Schoola community member Krissa has her hands full as a nanny and a mother of a two-year-old boy. She created a custom collection that suits her active lifestyle.

She says, “This summer I am planning a lot of outdoor activities for the kiddos. Yoga by the lake, berry-picking, ferry rides. Anything to make them good and tired for bedtime. 😉 Later this summer my family and I will be going to Hawaii to surprise my husband’s family! We are so excited to take Archer to the beach for the first time! Now the search is on for the perfect little Hawaiian shirt. Thank goodness for Schoola!”

Lily of

Lily of

Schoola is also a great go-to shopping destination for college students on a budget. Lily, the founder of The Prospect—the largest student-run college access organization in the world—shared her summer staples here.

This summer she’s “doing a lot of traveling and sightseeing around New York City! It’s a great, electric place to be, and I’m lucky to have friends who love going on little adventures with me.”

When asked what she recommends high schoolers do for fun the summer before college, she said, “Spend your summer hanging out with the people you love (like friends and family). Regardless of how you feel about where you live, take the summer to really embrace that culture, visit local landmarks and go to some of your favorite spots one last time. It’s never really quite the same after you leave home for college, so take it all in while you can!” Sage advice!

Whatever you’re doing for fun this summer, Schoola has what you’re looking for when it comes to outfitting yourself for adventures at home and on the go. Shop women’s and give 40% back to schools.

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  1. Hey! Fantastic work!!!!! What I think is most ineitestrng are the different styles you seem to have mastered! Varied pieces but all really well done Ed!

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