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Gear Up for Camp With This Handy Packing List

Your children have the pre-camp jitters—a mix of excitement and nervousness—and so do you. What are you going to pack? You don’t want to forget any of the essentials, but it’s hard to remember every little detail. This handy-dandy downloadable packing list will keep your kiddos equipped for every adventure this summer. Click here to view and print our Summer Camp Packing Checklist.


Are you a weathered kids’ camp aficionado? See anything missing from this list that you don’t think your kid can live without? The more packing tips, the merrier. Comment below with any of your pro tips.


  1. This is an awesome packing list! I will download it and save ti for sure. It contains everything I usually have to pack for my traveling. Best regards

  2. Nice list of things to pack for camp. Thanks for posting.

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