There’s been lots of buzz about the “water footprint” of your food choices and the length of your shower, but what about the environmental impact of your clothing?

It takes 450 gallons of water to produce a quarter pound hamburger, but did you know that 700 gallons of water is needed to produce just one t-shirt*.

Throughout the U.S., almost 13 million tons of textile waste is generated annually. Of that, just 15% is recovered for reuse or recycling.** The average U.S. consumer buys 68 pieces of clothing a year and 7 pairs of shoes***. This means there’s a huge opportunity for each individual to offset 21,100 gallons of water each year, just by buying used clothing.


Recycle funds back into the school programs that keep kids growing.

One bag of clothes donated to Schoola:
Reduces water consumption (up to 5,800 gallons per bag!).
Reuses loved pieces that are too-soon outgrown.
Recycles funds back into school programs that are experiencing budget cuts.

Challenge your friends to do their part to offset water consumption by recycling clothing. It’s easy, just request a donation bag and pass on the challenge to three friends on social media with hashtag #PassTheBag. Let them know that one bag of clothes donated has the potential to offset 5,800 gallons of water by reusing rather than producing new!

*Based on water consumption calculator provided by National Geographic.