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You Rock! Get $5 Off Your Next Order


Yup, that’s right, you made an impact this year by donating to and shopping at Schoola, so we’re giving you a shoutout with $5 to spend at Schoola. Simply use the code ‘2015’ at checkout to reap the rewards. (Update: this offer has expired.)

Now for the gushy stuff! In 2014 we helped kids by:


1) Increasing the number of schools we work with from 5 to 7,000. Wowza!!


2) Putting paintbrushes into the hands of 4,486 aspiring artists!


3) Recycling clothing, and saving 14.5 million gallons of water*. That’s a lot!

In 2015 we plan to keep up the good work. Join us in supporting schools!

*Water savings estimated by National Geographic

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  1. Just cutout if I am eligible for the $25 gift card since I did get 3 members to join. Linda bagley, darian warnock, and janet Dunlap.

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