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Month: December 2014

5 Easy Cardboard Box DIY Projects for After Christmas

If you’re anything like us, post-Christmas you’re left with a ton of empty boxes and kids jumping off the walls looking for something to do during the rest of their winter break. We’ve rounded up our 5 favorite DIY projects that will help you put those boxes to good use while entertaining your kids and having lots of fun.


1. Cardboard slide from the Contemplative Creative: It’s not every day you’ll let your kids take over the house and turn the stairs into a playground but when the weather is awful and the house is filled with the excitement of the holidays, well, it’s the perfect time to break the rules!


2. Giddy-up! This DIY is actually perfect all year, because you just need cereal boxes. These horsies from kv . barn will provide hours of fun.


3. Ahhhh-dorable is what this DIY shoe tie practice board is. Salsa Pie, we thank you for sparking our creativity!


4. It is soooo fun building indoor racetracks. Using a box as a foundation, like this example from Kids Activities Blog, is a great way to draw roads and background details and get creative.


5. Last but not least, for a bird’s-eye-view make this cardboard airplane from Mini Mocha.

Have more ideas for easy cardboard DIYs? Share your box-inspirations in the comments or on social media by tagging @Schoola and using the hashtag #BoxDIY.

Featured School: McCluer High School in Florissant, MO


Since 1986, McCluer High School students in the Ferguson-Florissant School District in Missouri have been participating in a two-week Travel Immersion Program. But the program doesn’t have ample funding; out of the nearly 1,300 students at McCluer, almost 80% qualify for a free or reduced lunch, so these are students who wouldn’t otherwise have an opportunity to travel abroad. Recently McCluer ran a clothing drive through Schoola to raise money for their program, and you can still shop their collection here, which has so far raised more than $600.

The program is designed to provide complete immersion in the language they’re studying at McCluer, as well as a hands-on cultural education experience. Students spend the first week traveling around the country, visiting places of historical and cultural importance, and the second week living with a host family, enjoying the daily culture and walking in the shoes of others.

The sought-after program is competitive, and only students McCluer believes will take full advantage of the language and cultural immersion, and who will be outstanding representatives of the community, are accepted. Students must receive positive teacher recommendations, have strong grades and excellent discipline records, and suburb school attendance.

The benefits of the Travel Immersion Program are immediately visible in the students who travel: their language skills, and overall communicative competence, improve greatly. Many students make cultural and personal connections that last their whole lives. Students share these stories and relationships with classmates and community members when they return to McCluer. Several students have gone on to major in French or Spanish and later to use their language skills in their professions as well.

Although less visible, the cultural competence and communication skills that these students utilize and develop while abroad help enhance the image of McCluer’s community. In other words, residents of the host countries get a meaningful, positive interaction with real, everyday American students, demonstrating the positive, hard-working, friendly side of McCluer’s community, state, and nation.

Again, to help raise funds for  McCluer’s Travel Immersion Program, make sure to shop their Schoola page!


#GivingTuesday Giving Report

We think it’s awesome that folks are dedicating today to giving. #GivingTuesday will help a lot of worthy causes, and that’s what we’re all about. We believe anyone can be a hero by giving their time, money or advocacy to others.

Giving is part of our day-to-day mission here at Schoola, and it’s all thanks to you: our clothing donors, shoppers, fans and friends. We’re taking this opportunity to highlight some of the fundraising heroes that have made a real impact on our mission to put paintbrushes, violins and microscopes into the hands of kids this year. Please join us in celebrating these heroes for schools:


Rosa Parks Elementary School

Our Top Individual Donor, Morgan Fukunaga Hoydich has raised over $745 for the benefit of Rosa Parks Elementary in our hometown of San Francisco.

You can support your school like Morgan by requesting a postage paid donation bag and sending in adorable out-grown items. Amplify your impact by finding and promoting your school page to get your community involved.

LoyolaHighSchool 2

Loyola High School

Our Top Earning School, Loyola High School in Detroit, MI raised over $1,300 in 3 months thanks to their ability to get their whole community involved in their highly successful clothing drives.

Contact one of our coaches to initiate a clothing drive at your school. We’re already working with 6,000 schools nationwide and counting, so we’re experienced at helping schools get results.


Nicole Wyatt of Remus, MI

Our Top Earning Individual, Nicole Wyatt of Remus, MI is a top donor as well as a frequent customer. She has raised a combined $2,100 for Mecosta Elementary School and other schools across the nation. Hero!

Perhaps the easiest way to make an immediate impact for schools is to shop the adorable items on our site and feel good about the fact that 40% of every dollar you spend goes directly to the donor school.

A huge, heartfelt thank you to these and other members of our community who help Schoola help schools. It will take more than one day of giving to reach our goal of donating one billion dollars, but we’ve had a record-breaking quarter and this holiday season is going to be our best yet. We certainly welcome your support this special day and every day.
Remember, there are 3 easy ways to help move our mission forward: Shop | Donate | or Spread the Word

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