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Introducing the Handmade Charlotte Collection – Donated to Support Imagination in Schools Everywhere!

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Handmade Charlotte, the brand that has become a daily source for DIY craft projects for kids, recipes, and inspiring ideas for creative family living.  Their dedication to “finding the magic in everyday life” is why millions of readers visit the well loved indie publication every month. 

rachel-faucettWe met Rachel Faucett, the owner and creator of Handmade Charlotte and quickly became fans of each other!  Rachel started her business with a handmade clothing line on Etsy and quickly grew her brand along with her husband Jonathan into an award winning platform that has earned massive amounts of media attention from the largest and hippest publications in the world.  Their mantle worthy tutorials and gorgeous imagery have earned Handmade Charlotte a spot on numerous Best Of lists. 

Rachel, Jonathan, and their team of super creatives have quite the client roster – Martha Stewart, Bet­ter Homes and Gar­dens, HGTV, Anthropologie, Tea Collection, Target, Ford, HP, Ikea, Levi’s, Fiskars, Home Depot, and now Schoola!   Rachel’s love of Schoola’s mission and desire to financially support creativity in our nations schools was the spark that launched this campaign. 

So without further a do…

We are proud to launch the “Handmade Charlotte” collection on!  The mother of 5 has generously contributed over 500 items that were either handmade by her own hands or straight out of her Outgrown Give Away bin. The collection is a huge treasure chest full of one of a kind vintage, handmade, patched up pieces that are mixed with every day staples that we know you will love! You’ll have a blast digging through Rachel’s donated closet and will find some gems for sure. The handmade pieces and charming embellishments give you a glimpse into the couples colorful life on their horse farm in Georgia.  

Ring The Bell – This is the first time that proceeds from items sold on Schoola are being sent to the shoppers’ school rather than the donors’.  Handmade Charlotte + Schoola love all children everywhere! Simply enter your school name when you buy and YOUR school will receive a portion of the proceeds!

And when you thought the deals in this sale couldn’t get any better we decided to put a little more icing on the cake!  We’re giving away a special treat for the first 150 shoppers. If your lucky enough to be in that rock star  group you will receive –  FolkArt Handmade Charlotte stencil sets  that can be used to personalize your new frocks!


We couldn’t be more excited about introducing this fun collaboration to you. When great minds think alike amazing things happen!  Now what are you waiting for? Jump over to shop the looks before they’re gone!


Take a sneek peek at silly  behind the scenes shenanigans at the Handmade Charlotte + Schoola Photoshoot





  1. Glad to have such a sensible option to school fundraising! What a common sense idea to reuse clothing that another can use before their kid grows out of it, too. Thanks, Handmade Charlotte for participating is such a positive way to help schools!

  2. What a wonderful collaboration! getting the things you need and supporting at the same time! I love the monkey stocking cap from the Handmade Charlotte collection as well as the unisex sweater. Combine these with a variety of pants and little boys everywhere will be sweet and trendsetting!

  3. Love this idea so much, our schools need this!! That Handmade Charlotte Brown dress is so adorable, both my girls would love it! Thank you for sharing about such a wonderful collaboration!!!!

  4. LOVE Handmade Charlotte – so excited to learn about this awesome new partnership. I love the clothes that she donated – trying to decide which bonnets I’m getting for friends this Christmas. What a cool program!

  5. This is such a great way to help declutter all those extra clothes that come with quickly growing kids! Love the concept, and with Rachel’s sense of style, the collection is a perfect idea!!

  6. I love this concept! It’s such a great way to simplify at home, help our communities, and help families be good stewards of their finances. Those HC handmade blouses are to die for too… oh my goodness, too cute!

  7. What an amazing initiative! an inspirational idea for others to *surely*. My my Rachel’s ideas are pure gold xx

  8. I’m so excited to see this partnership! I love Handmade Charlotte and was so excited to learn about Schoola through them. I’ve ordered my bag to fill with clothes and ordered a full set of winter wear for our family! I’ve even gotten other parents in my town involved and we are hoping to publicize and do a push from the local school. I love this eco-friendly way to raise money for arts and play!

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