You don’t need elaborate game sets or one of those huge, inflatable slides to have fun in your backyard this summer. You already have the makings for a fun day in your kitchen and garage (and maybe a quick trip to the store). Learning a new game is a great way to spend an afternoon together. Here’s two we think you’ll love… Balloon Tennis: This is a simple, yet fun balloon activity that is sure to bring out the tennis star in your little one! Take small paper dessert plates and tape then to the end of a paint stir stick to create your tennis “racquet.” Blow up any size balloon for the “ball.” Use a jump rope to divide the “court” in half and see how many times you can volley that balloon across the line before it hits the ground. You can also use the plate racquet to keep the balloon aloft or you can play a tennis game of doubles or triples, depending on how many children there are. Noodle Hockey: Grab a bunch of pool noodles and a medium-sized ball. Depending on how many players you have, set up either one goal or two. How big the goal is depends on how easy you want to make the game. From there, it’s easy. Use the noodles like hockey sticks and try to get the ball into the goal. Once you’ve gotten the hang of the game, let someone play as goalie. #schoolasummer