Are your kids ready to start a small business this summer? Lemonade stands are great, but that’s not the whole scope of business ideas for young entrepreneurs. We know kids who have “doing” businesses, like house (and fish) sitting, and who have “making” businesses, like making and selling friendship bracelets. Here are some questions, courtesy of the Girl Scouts, to help your kids figure out where to start…

– What do you like to do?
– What type of chores do you do well?
– What do you like to spend your money on?
– What do you like to eat and drink?
– What types of things do your parents ask you to do for them?
– How much free time do you have to run your business?
– How much time can your parents or friends give you with your business?
– Would you rather do something to earn money or sell something?
– Do you want to earn money to buy something soon, or do you want to earn money so you can save up for something special?

We like these questions because they ask the kids to think about what they are good at, what they enjoy, and what they hope to accomplish. Aptitude, enjoyment, and aspirations—all important to any worthwhile project. Once your kids have answered these questions, they’ll be well on their way to starting their own business and learning so many great skills along the way.