This is a great science and engineering activity that works with kids as young as 7. Here’s what you need to get started!

– 10 craft sticks (the thick kind work better)
– rubber bands (at least 5)
– a plastic spoon
– mini marshmallows

Take two craft sticks and rubber band them together at one end. Then take seven craft sticks and rubber band them together at both ends. Gently wedge the stack of seven craft sticks in between the two craft sticks that are rubber banded together at one end. Next wrap a rubber band crossways around the two stacks where they join to hold the whole thing together. You’ve just made the base structure for your catapult.

Lastly, use a rubber band to attach a plastic spoon onto the one stick that’s sticking up in the air. (We used two rubber bands to make sure it stayed on tightly.) Now you’re ready to launch! Grab a handful of mini-marshmallows and let them fly! You can have contests to see which catapult launches the farthest (try adjusting the crossways rubber band for more distance) or you can set up targets for the kids to hit.