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Schoola offers quality clothing at up to 70% off retail with 40% of proceeds benefiting kids. SHOP NOW.

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Our Story

Schoola is the creation of Stacey Boyd—parent, former teacher and school principal. In 1997, she built an inner-city charter school from the ground up. A year later it was one of the highest-performing middle schools in Boston. Stacey saw firsthand how children who struggled in math could come alive in music class. How profoundly art, physical education, field trips and foreign language could affect students. She also saw how hard it was to get funds to support these programs. And how easy it was for the programs to get cut.

Stacey launched Schoola in 2013 to support schools in putting paintbrushes, baseballs and violins back into the hands of children. A handful of schools started by running clothing drives. Parents donated their gently used clothing. We listed the clothes on our website at amazing prices. And schools received proceeds from every item sold—money that has since funded an orchestra, built a playground and supported many other programs that are critical to the success of kids in school.

Currently we support over 30,000 schools, and our top-earning schools have raised more than $50,000 each.

In 2015 Schoola's mission went global through our partnership with Malala Fund. Thousands of individual donors and 5 prestigious clothing brands have donated clothing to be sold on Schoola to further Malala Fund's mission of removing barriers to a safe, quality education in the most vulnerable communities in the world.

Together with thousands of community members and customers, we are helping countless children realize their full potential. Quality clothes get a second life. Parents help parents. Students help students. A win for all.